Connect Classes Begin Sunday, April 23rd

Alive with David Dewes

We  will  explore  beginning and growing in our relationship with God. We will discuss a broad range of topics which will establish us with a firm foundation for growth!


Alpha Course with Mike Muchowicz

Who was Jesus?  How do I Pray? If you are searching for the answers to these and other questions about God, then the Alpha Course is for you! Got Questions? Try Alpha!


Families that Thrive with Josh Havekost

What does it mean to have a family that thrives?  We will explore God's family design, the impact of our own heart issues on our   children, and a roadmap for the proactive equipping of our children for their God given destiny.


Joshua Generation with Leo Firanek

God says that wherever the Joshua generation puts the soles of their feet, He would give it unto them (Josh. 1:3). This class will discuss what it means to show up and participate in the life of our community as both citizens of the kingdom and of Earth.


BASIC for Stone Youth with Pastor Gary

Students come experience a great video series, we can learn, grow and talk about our faith in Jesus and how we can be apart of the church!